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Starfish With Rope - Available in 2 Colours

Starfish With Rope - Available in 2 Colours

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"Starfish With Rope" - Available in 2 Coastal Colors: Red and White 🌟🏖️

Bring a piece of the beach into your home with our charming starfish decor. These starfish with ropes are available in two coastal-inspired colors: the vibrant Red and the classic White.

Perfect for adding a touch of seaside charm to your living space, these starfish decorations are crafted with attention to detail. The rope accent enhances their nautical appeal, making them a versatile addition to your beach-themed decor.

Hang them on your walls, place them on shelves, or incorporate them into your beachy displays to infuse your home with the relaxed, coastal vibes of the shore. Choose your favorite color or mix and match to create a beachcomber's paradise right in your own space. 🌊🌟🏝️

Dimensions (not including rope): 6x6”

Material: resin

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