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Vitamin Sea Wooden Hanging Sign

Vitamin Sea Wooden Hanging Sign

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Introducing our Vitamin Sea Wooden Hanging Sign, a delightful piece that encapsulates the essence of beachside bliss! Crafted with care, this charming sign is made from high-quality wood, featuring a coastal-inspired design that instantly transports you to the soothing waves and sandy shores.

The "Vitamin Sea" lettering is elegantly adorned in calming hues, perfectly complementing the natural wood finish. With its rustic rope hanger, this sign is easy to hang on walls, doors, or hooks, bringing a touch of seaside charm to any space.

Whether you want to adorn your beach house, coastal-themed room, or simply crave a reminder of the ocean's tranquility, our Vitamin Sea Wooden Hanging Sign is the perfect choice. Embrace the calming allure of the sea and infuse your home with a coastal ambiance through this delightful piece. Let it serve as a gentle invitation to unwind and bask in the rejuvenating powers of the sea, even if you're miles away from the shore.

Dimensions: 11''X11''

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