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Ship Metal Pen Holder

Ship Metal Pen Holder

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Enhance your workspace with a Ship Metal Pen Holder, a nautical-inspired addition that combines functionality and style! 🚢✒️

Key Features:
🔹 Exquisite ship design crafted from high-quality metal for a sleek and timeless look.
🔹 Multi-functional as a pen and office supply holder, keeping your workspace organized.
🔹 Ideal for nautical enthusiasts, sailors, or anyone who appreciates maritime decor.
🔹 Sturdy and durable, providing a practical addition to your desk or office.
🔹 Compact and space-saving, suitable for any work environment.
🔹 A great conversation piece that adds a touch of the sea to your workspace.

This Ship Metal Pen Holder not only keeps your pens and office supplies in order but also adds a touch of maritime charm to your workspace. Whether you have a love for the sea or simply want to add a unique touch to your desk, this pen holder will do the job. Get yours today and set sail for a more organized and stylish workspace! 🚢✒️🏢🌊

Dimensions approx: 

Height: 11.5 inches 

Width: 10 3/4 inches 

Depth: 2.5 inches 

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