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Glass Paper Weights - Available in 2 Styles

Glass Paper Weights - Available in 2 Styles

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Introducing our captivating Glass Paper Weights, now available in two enchanting styles: "Secret Whispers" and "Positivity Manifest." Crafted with precision and elegance, these exquisite paper weights serve as more than just functional desk accessories – they're expressions of artistry and inspiration.

Unveil the mystique of the "Secret Whispers" style encapsulate the essence of hidden confidences. As you place this paper weight atop your documents, it symbolizes the unspoken connections we share, encouraging you to embrace the power of secrets that bind us together.

In contrast, the "Positivity Manifest" style exudes an aura of optimism and promise. Its crystal-clear glass encases a vibrant burst of blue, serving as a gentle reminder that good things are indeed on the horizon. Whether it's a motivational note, an important memo, or a cherished photograph, this paper weight radiates positivity, infusing your workspace with a dash of hope.

Elevate your workspace with these stunning Glass Paper Weights, designed to stimulate creativity, spark conversations, and inspire moments of introspection. With a touch of artistry and a dash of mystery, they make for exceptional gifts or personal treasures. Embrace the elegance, share the secret, and manifest the good – our Glass Paper Weights are here to embellish your journey.

Dimensions: 5” length, 2” height & 3/4” depth

Material: glass

Colour: white & black 

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