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Rotary Switch Glass Lamp & Wax/Oil Warmer

Rotary Switch Glass Lamp & Wax/Oil Warmer

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  • changes colours!
    Stylish, Modern, Functional and Affordable.
  • This item can be used as a Night Light / Table Lamp / Freshener.
  • The lamp comes with 5 Colourful Energy Efficient LEDs lighting system that changes colour by itself – you can’t control it.
  • An optional scented oil/wax glass container that can be used to create your desired atmosphere.

Operating Instruction:

  • Connect the adapter input port to plug.
  • Turn ON or OFF by dialing from the black rotary switch node on the electrical cord.
  • Optional Feature: Place the scented oil/scented wax inside the glass container.  Then, insert on top of the heated metal plate in the center.  You can dilute the scented oil base on how strong you want for the smell.
  • Please remove any liquid content from the glass container before you move the lamp. It might drip down inside the light fixture.
  • It is not a humidifier.

Product Information:

  • Power Input: 120V
  • The inner center of the Heat Generating Metal Plate may get very hot. Do not touch directly with your hands or body parts.
  • Bulb: Replacement is not required – It comes with 5 build in colourful LEDs.


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