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Rectangle Hockey Blocks - Available in 2 Styles

Rectangle Hockey Blocks - Available in 2 Styles

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Display your love for hockey with these rectangular blocks, each featuring a unique hockey-themed message:

1. **"Eat, Sleep, Play Hockey"**
- A bold statement that reflects your dedication to the sport.
- Perfect for decorating your room, desk, or any hockey enthusiast's space.
- A reminder that hockey is more than a game; it's a way of life.

2. **"Life is a Game, Hockey is Serious"**
- Emphasizes the importance and passion you have for hockey.
- A thoughtful gift for hockey players, coaches, or fans who live and breathe the sport.
- Highlights the deep connection between life and the game of hockey.

These rectangular hockey blocks are a great way to express your hockey fandom and add a touch of the sport's spirit to your surroundings. 🏒🥅🏠

6x8" height 

Material- wood

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