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Make Love Not War Vintage Wooden Slat Sign

Make Love Not War Vintage Wooden Slat Sign

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Introducing our "Make Love Not War Vintage Wooden Slat Sign" – a timeless piece that carries a powerful message of peace and love:

- **Design:** Crafted with rustic wooden slats, this vintage sign exudes character and authenticity. Prominently featured is a heart symbol, symbolizing love as the cornerstone of this profound message.

- **Message:** The sign boldly proclaims "Make Love Not War," a timeless and important sentiment that transcends generations. It serves as a reminder of the enduring need for peace and unity.

- **Versatility:** Hang it in your living room, study, or any space where it can inspire thoughtfulness and reflection. Its vintage aesthetic pairs wonderfully with various decor styles.

- **Timeless Appeal:** The weathered appearance of the wooden slats adds a vintage, well-worn charm, reinforcing the enduring relevance of the message.

Add a touch of wisdom and peace to your living space with the "Make Love Not War Vintage Wooden Slat Sign." Let its message resonate and inspire love and harmony in your home. ❤️☮️🌾

Dimensions: 23 3/4” height, 11 3/4” width & 1/4” depth

Material: wood

Colour: off white 

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