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Love Wooden Shelf Blocks - Available in 4 Styles

Love Wooden Shelf Blocks - Available in 4 Styles

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Presenting our Love Shelf Blocks in four endearing styles, each exquisitely designed with white blocks and striking black text:

1. **"Truly Madly Deeply" Shelf Block** 💖
Let your love reach profound depths with this beautifully contrasting white block featuring the heartfelt declaration, "Truly Madly Deeply." It's a statement of your unwavering affection.

2. **"You & Me" Shelf Block** 💑
Celebrate the essence of togetherness with this minimalist yet powerful "You & Me" design. Place it on your shelf to symbolize the special bond you share.

3. **"Love You More" Shelf Block** 💞
In the language of love, there's always room for a little friendly competition. This block playfully declares, "Love You More," making it a sweet addition to your decor.

4. **"I Love Us" Shelf Block** 💑❤️
Share your love story with the world using the "I Love Us" block. It's a beautiful testament to the unique and cherished love between you and your partner.

These Love Shelf Blocks are the perfect blend of simplicity and sentiment. Display them on your shelf, mantle, or any special place in your home to add a touch of love and style to your space. ❤️🖤✨

Dimensions: 10” length, 2 3/4” width & 3/4” depth 

Material: wood 

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