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Lobster Claw Salt & Pepper Shakers

Lobster Claw Salt & Pepper Shakers

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Introducing our Lobster Claw Salt & Pepper Shakers! 🦞🧂🌶️

🌟 Bring a touch of seaside charm to your dining table with these adorable lobster claw-shaped salt and pepper shakers. Crafted with attention to detail, these shakers add a playful and nautical flair to your mealtime experience.

🌊 Whether you're enjoying a seafood feast or simply spicing up your dishes, these shakers make seasoning a delight. The red lobster claws add a pop of color and whimsy to your table setting, making them a perfect conversation starter.

🦀 Enhance your dining ambiance with our Lobster Claw Salt & Pepper Shakers. 🍽️

Order yours today and let these crustacean companions elevate your dining experience. 🛒🌟

Dimensions approx:

Height: 3.5 inches 

Width: 2 3/4 inches 

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