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Lavender Boxes - Available in 2 Sizes

Lavender Boxes - Available in 2 Sizes

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Discover the Essence of Lavender with Our Lavender Boxes!

🌿 **Small and Large Sizes**: Our Lavender Boxes are available in two convenient sizes – small and large. Whether you want a delicate touch of lavender or a bountiful display, we have the perfect size for you.

🌸 **Charming Design**: Each box features a delightful scene with a table adorned by a flourishing lavender plant. It's a picturesque representation of the serene beauty of lavender fields. The box also proudly declares, "I love lavender," making it a declaration of your affection for this enchanting herb.

🏡 **Versatile Decor**: These Lavender Boxes are more than just containers; they're a piece of art. Place them on your shelves, countertops, or use them as statement pieces for your home decor. Their elegant design adds a touch of Provencal charm to any space.

🎁 **Great for Gifting**: Searching for a thoughtful gift for a lavender enthusiast? Look no further! Our Lavender Boxes make a perfect present for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a housewarming gift. They express your love for lavender and your attention to detail.

📦 **Quality Materials**: Crafted with high-quality materials, these boxes are built to last. They're sturdy and well-made, ensuring your lavender-themed decor stays beautiful for years to come.

🌟 **Versatility Meets Style**: Whether you're a lavender aficionado or just appreciate elegant decor, our Lavender Boxes are a must-have. Elevate your space with the soothing colors and calming presence of lavender.

Choose from our small or large Lavender Boxes and infuse your surroundings with the fragrance and beauty of lavender. Bring a touch of nature's serenity into your home with these enchanting decorative pieces. Order now and let your love for lavender bloom!

Small Dimensions: 3.5” depth, 6 1/4” width & 4 1/4” height

Large Dimensions: 4 3/4” depth, 8” width & 5.5 height

Material: wood 

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