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Horse With Lantern

Horse With Lantern

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Introducing our exquisite Horse With Lantern table decor, a graceful blend of elegance and charm that will illuminate your living space with a touch of timeless beauty.

Made from high-quality resin, this table decor exudes a rustic yet refined aesthetic, making it a versatile addition to any interior theme. The warm, ambient light emitted from the lantern adds a cozy ambiance to your home, creating a soothing atmosphere for gatherings or quiet evenings.

Measuring 16.5" x 12" , our Horse With Lantern table decor fits seamlessly on coffee tables, mantels, or shelves, becoming an instant conversation starter and a focal point in your decor arrangement. Its intricate design and lifelike features make it a perfect gift for horse enthusiasts and lovers of elegant home decor.

Enhance the ambiance of your living space with this captivating piece – the Horse With Lantern table decor – and let its grace and warmth enchant both you and your guests. Elevate your interior decor with this timeless symbol of grace and beauty.

 Lantern is battery operated. batteries not included.

Dimensions: 16.5” height, 12” width & 6” depth

Material resin

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