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Home Style Table Decor - 3 Assorted Styles

Home Style Table Decor - 3 Assorted Styles

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Introducing our "Home Style Table Decor" set – a trio of charming house-shaped pieces that bring warmth and sentiment to your home! These pieces are sold separately. 

Each of these delightful house-shaped decor pieces carries a unique message that celebrates the essence of home:

1. "Home Is Where Our Story Begins" - This piece reminds us that our cherished stories and memories find their roots in the comfort of home.

2. "Together Is Our Favorite Place to Be" - It captures the essence of togetherness and the joy of being with loved ones in the heart of your home.

3. "God Bless Our Little Home" - This piece adds a touch of blessings and gratitude to your home, emphasizing the importance of faith and love within your living space.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, these house-shaped decor items feature a timeless design that complements various interior styles. Place them on your tabletop, mantle, or shelf to create a heartwarming focal point in any room.

Key Features:
-  three assorted house-shaped table decor pieces (sold separately)
- Messages: "Home Is Where Our Story Begins," "Together Is Our Favorite Place to Be," and "God Bless Our Little Home"
- High-quality materials with a stylish finish
- Size: Each piece is approximately 5 inches tall
- Perfect for tabletops, mantles, or shelves

These "Home Style Table Decor" pieces are more than just decorations; they're expressions of love, togetherness, and blessings within your home. Elevate your decor and infuse your space with the warmth of these heartfelt messages. Order your set today and let your home style shine!


together: 7” height, 3.5” with & 2” depth

home story begins: 5.5” height, 4” width & 1.5” depth

God bless: 6” height, 3.5” width & 1.5” depth

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