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Green Ceramic Birds - Available in 2 Styles

Green Ceramic Birds - Available in 2 Styles

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Introducing our Green Ceramic Birds, each a symbol of heartfelt sentiments and tranquility. Available in two distinct styles – "Peace" and "Faith" – these exquisite ceramic birds bring a touch of serenity and meaning to your space.

The "Peace" bird, with its gentle contours and calming hues, embodies a sense of harmony and balance. Its presence serves as a reminder to seek peace within and to foster a tranquil atmosphere in your surroundings.

The "Faith" bird, with its graceful design and uplifting aura, symbolizes unwavering belief and positivity. A testament to hope and optimism, this ceramic bird encourages you to embrace faith in your journey.

These ceramic birds make for delightful decor pieces, whether displayed individually or together. Place them in your living room, bedroom, or meditation space to infuse your environment with their soothing influence. Let the "Peace" and "Faith" birds serve as daily reminders of the powerful emotions that can uplift and inspire.

Bring the essence of serenity and faith into your home with our Green Ceramic Birds – two styles that embody timeless virtues and contribute to an atmosphere of inner calm and positivity.

Dimensions: 6” length & 5” height 

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