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Fish Glass Paperweight Decor - Blue Stripe Butterflyfish

Fish Glass Paperweight Decor - Blue Stripe Butterflyfish

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"Fish Glass Paperweight Decor - Blue Stripe Butterflyfish" 🦋🐟💙

Elevate your workspace with the tranquil beauty of our Glass Paperweight featuring the Blue Stripe Butterflyfish. Crafted with intricate artistry, this paperweight captures the mesmerizing essence of these tropical fish, adorned with distinctive blue stripes.

Not only does it serve as a practical paperweight to keep your documents organized, but it also doubles as a captivating decorative piece. The Butterflyfish's vivid blue stripes and the transparent glass create an enchanting display that adds a touch of the ocean to your surroundings.

Whether you have a passion for marine life or simply appreciate the elegance of aquatic creatures, this paperweight will bring a touch of the deep blue sea to your home or office, inspiring a sense of tranquility and wonder. 🌊🦋🐟💙

Dimensions: 6 x 2 x 5.5h"

Brand: Torre & Tagus

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