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Dog & Cat Rippled Metal Wall Sign - Available In 2 Styles

Dog & Cat Rippled Metal Wall Sign - Available In 2 Styles

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 Introducing our captivating Dog & Cat Rippled Metal Wall Sign, available in two distinct styles: "Dog Rules" and "Cat Rules." These unique and eye-catching pieces not only showcase the beauty of your favorite furry friends but also add a touch of humor and charm to your living space.

"Dog Rules" Style: Celebrate the heartwarming qualities of dogs with a rippled metal wall sign that features a playful list of "dog rules." From "must pee outside" to "guard the house," these endearing guidelines capture the essence of a dog's joyful and loving nature.

"Cat Rules" Style: Embrace the enigmatic charm of cats with a rippled metal wall sign that playfully outlines "cat rules." From "don't sleep all day" to "keep mice away " these whimsical directives capture the essence of a cat's independent and intriguing personality.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these metal wall signs add depth and character to your living space. Measuring 11.2 x 15.75" , they are designed to stand out as a captivating focal point on your walls.

Whether you're a devoted dog lover, a dedicated cat enthusiast, or both, our Dog & Cat Rippled Metal Wall Signs in "Dog Rules" and "Cat Rules" styles provide a creative and charming way to celebrate the unique qualities of your furry companions. Enhance your decor with a touch of pet-inspired artistry and humor – a perfect addition to any pet lover's home.

Rectangular in shape, the wall art is made of metal and has text and illustrations in white on black background. It has thin ropes attached on its top for easy hanging.

Dimensions: 11.2x15.75”

Material: metal

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