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Blue Ceramic Mugs - Available in 2 Styles

Blue Ceramic Mugs - Available in 2 Styles

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Discover our Blue Ceramic Mugs, available in two stylish and inspiring designs. The first mug features the heartfelt message "Always Stay Humble and Kind," reminding you of the importance of these virtues in your daily life. The second mug humorously declares "Coffee Keeps Me Busy Until It's Acceptable to Drink Wine," adding a touch of fun and relatability to your mornings. Crafted with care, these mugs are not only functional but also serve as uplifting and entertaining additions to your daily routine.

Our unique ceramic coffee mugs will soon be your new favorite way to consume hot or cold beverages. Coffee mugs also makes a perfect gift!

  • Durable ceramic construction with easy-grip handle
  • Coffee mug is ideal for both hot and cold beverages
  • Microwave safe. Wash in dishwasher on top shelf.

Size: 8.7X9.5X7.5CM


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