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Sons First Hero Daughters First Love Ceramic Hanging Heart

Sons First Hero Daughters First Love Ceramic Hanging Heart

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Introducing our heartfelt Ceramic Hanging Heart – a touching and poignant ornament that carries the sentiment: "Dad: A Son's First Hero and a Daughter's First Love." Crafted with care, this ceramic hanging heart captures the special role and deep bond between fathers and their children.

Hang this heart-shaped ornament on a wall, a doorknob, or a special spot in your home to add a touch of warmth and love to your surroundings. It's a beautiful reminder of the unique connections and cherished moments shared between a father and his son and daughter.

Celebrate the powerful impact a dad has on his children's lives with this Ceramic Hanging Heart. Its heartfelt message is a wonderful way to express the love and admiration you have for your father, or to honor your own journey as a dad to both sons and daughters.

Material: Ceramic & Twine 

Dimensions: 6” width & 5 1/4” height

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