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Cast Iron Anchor Hook - Available in 3 Colours

Cast Iron Anchor Hook - Available in 3 Colours

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Introducing our sturdy Cast Iron Triple Anchor Hook, available in three appealing colors: light blue, dark blue, and white. These anchor hooks offer a functional and decorative solution for organizing your belongings in a stylish nautical-themed manner.

Crafted from durable cast iron, the Triple Anchor Hook features three intricately designed anchors, each serving as a sturdy hook for hanging coats, hats, keys, or other items. The choice of colors – light blue, dark blue, and white – allows you to coordinate with your existing decor or create a captivating focal point.

Whether you're enhancing your entryway, adding a maritime touch to your bathroom, or sprucing up any room, these anchor hooks offer both utility and charm. They provide a convenient way to keep your space organized while showcasing your love for coastal aesthetics.

Choose your preferred color or mix and match to create a visually appealing arrangement. Our Cast Iron Triple Anchor Hook is a versatile and stylish addition that brings a touch of the sea's allure to your home decor.

Dimensions: 11 1/4” length, 6 3/4” height & 2” depth 

Material: cast iron 

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