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Camera Photo Frame Bank & Clock

Camera Photo Frame Bank & Clock

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Introducing our versatile Camera Photo Frame Bank & Clock – a clever and stylish combination that captures both memories and functionality in one delightful piece.

This unique Camera Photo Frame Bank & Clock features a photo frame, allowing you to showcase your cherished moments while adding a touch of vintage charm to your decor. The photo frame provides a wonderful opportunity to personalize your space with your favorite snapshots.

But that's not all – this clever piece also doubles as a bank, providing a fun and creative way to save your spare change. Simply drop coins into the slot on the camera to watch your savings grow.

To top it off, the Camera Photo Frame Bank & Clock also includes a functional clock, adding an element of practicality to its design. It's a perfect addition to your desk, shelf, or bedside table, combining aesthetics, memories, and timekeeping in one compact package.

Whether you're a photography enthusiast or simply appreciate unique and multifunctional decor, this Camera Photo Frame Bank & Clock is a charming and engaging piece that adds character and purpose to any room.

Dimensions: 7.5” length, 6 3/4” height & 2” depth

Material: resin

Colour: brown, burgundy & gold

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