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Burlap Picture with Metal White Fish

Burlap Picture with Metal White Fish

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Introducing our exquisite Burlap Picture with Metal White Fish – a captivating fusion of rustic charm and coastal elegance. This unique piece of art combines the texture of burlap with the sleekness of a metal white fish, creating a visually stunning and tactile experience.

The burlap backdrop adds a touch of organic warmth, while the intricately crafted metal white fish brings a coastal and nautical vibe to your space. The contrast between the rough burlap and the smooth metal fish creates a beautiful interplay of textures that will surely catch the eye and spark conversations.

Whether you're looking to enhance a beach-inspired theme or add a statement piece to your rustic decor, the Burlap Picture with Metal White Fish is a versatile and artistic choice. Hang it on your wall to instantly transform your room into a haven of relaxation and style. Embrace the beauty of nature and the sea with this charming and alluring piece of art.

Dimensions approx:

Height: 27 3/4 inches 

Width: 19 3/4 inches 

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