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Anchor Thermometer

Anchor Thermometer

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Introducing our Anchor Thermometer – a functional and decorative piece that combines the classic appeal of maritime design with the practicality of temperature monitoring. Crafted with care, this thermometer features a charming anchor motif, adding a touch of nautical flair to your indoor or outdoor space.

Designed for both beauty and utility, the Anchor Thermometer allows you to easily gauge the temperature while enhancing the aesthetics of your surroundings. Hang it on a wall, fence, or porch to infuse your space with a maritime ambiance and keep track of the changing weather conditions.

Ideal for beach houses, coastal-themed homes, or anyone who appreciates maritime decor, this thermometer serves as a charming addition to your décor while providing valuable information. Let the anchor symbol remind you of the stability and adventure of the open sea as you keep an eye on the temperature with this stylish and functional piece.

Dimensions: 7.5” height & 5” width

Material: wood & rope

Colour: white & blue 

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