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A Quiet Man/Woman Sign

A Quiet Man/Woman Sign

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The perfect humorous decor piece/gift! Introducing our whimsical "Quiet Minds, Quiet Hearts" sign – a delightful portrayal of the different ways individuals process their thoughts and emotions. This unique sign playfully captures the stereotype that a quiet man is often lost in thought, while a quiet woman may sometimes be perceived as upset. Crafted with a touch of humor, the sign features charming typography, making it a captivating addition to your living space, office, or any area where lightheartedness is appreciated. Hang this sign to spark conversations, challenge stereotypes, and celebrate the diversity of human expressions. Embrace the joy of understanding and let this sign be a reminder that beneath the surface, we all have our unique ways of navigating the world around us.

Dimensions: 10” width, 6.5” height & 3/4” depth

Material: wood 

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