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11" Metal Stars - Available in 4 Assorted Colours

11" Metal Stars - Available in 4 Assorted Colours

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With a generous size of 11 inches, these metal stars command attention and create a focal point wherever they are displayed. Whether hung on walls, placed on shelves, or showcased on tabletops, these stars effortlessly elevate the ambiance of any room. Their versatile design makes them suitable for various styles, including modern, farmhouse, rustic, or eclectic, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate them into your existing decor.

The four assorted colors offer a delightful range of options to suit your personal taste and interior design preferences. Choose from a captivating black, a chic whire, a vibrant blue, or stunning red. Each color has its own unique allure, allowing you to mix and match or select a single color for a cohesive look.

These metal stars are not only visually stunning but also incredibly easy to hang or display. Each star is equipped with a small, discreet loop at the top, providing you with multiple display options. Hang them individually or create a captivating celestial display by clustering them together. Let your creativity soar as you find the perfect arrangement to showcase these radiant stars.

  • Add texture and colour to your space with this Star Wall Decor. Accent any wall, indoor or outdoors with this metal star, for a modern, farmhouse touch. Looks great on a porch, patio, barn, or wall.
  • Dimensional 24" diameter barn star with a distressed country rustic finish & a hook on the back to hang up indoors/outdoors.
  • Use as a decorative indoor/outdoor accent piece for any room
  • Adds a touch of homey-ness to any door or entryway
  • With natural colors and texture to create a 3 dimensional design come to life
  • Great housewarming gift for family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances
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