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Bottoms Up Buttercup Wine Tag

Bottoms Up Buttercup Wine Tag

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Introducing the Bottoms Up Buttercup Wine Bottle Tag - A Charming Accessory for Your Wine Bottles!**

Make a lasting impression on your guests and add a delightful touch to your wine gifting with the Bottoms Up Buttercup Wine Bottle Tag. This unique and enchanting accessory is designed to elevate the presentation of your wine bottles, making them stand out as thoughtful and memorable gifts for any occasion.

**Key Features:**

1. **Whimsical Design:** The Bottoms Up Buttercup Wine Bottle Tag exudes charm and elegance. Its intricate detailing ccreates an eye-catching display that is sure to capture everyone's attention.

2. **Easy Application:** Attaching the wine bottle tag is a breeze. Simply slide it over the neck of the wine bottle, and the tag will stay securely in place. The snug fit ensures that it won't slip off during transit or display.

3. **Premium Quality:** Crafted from high-quality materials, this wine bottle tag is designed to withstand the rigors of handling and gifting. It adds an extra layer of sophistication to your wine bottles, reflecting your impeccable taste in presenting gifts.

4. **Versatility in Gifting:** Whether it's a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any other celebration, the Bottoms Up Buttercup Wine Bottle Tag adds a personalized touch to your wine gifts. It's the perfect way to show your appreciation and make the recipient feel special.

5. **Reusable & Adaptable:** The wine bottle tag is reusable, allowing you to use it multiple times without losing its charm. It fits most standard wine bottles, making it a versatile accessory for various types of wines.

6. **Excellent Wine Party Decor:** Hosting a wine-themed party or gathering? These wine bottle tags not only make your bottles more distinct but also serve as stylish decor pieces that complement the overall ambiance.


Make your wine bottles truly unforgettable with the Bottoms Up Buttercup Wine Bottle Tag. Whether you're giving a gift or hosting a wine-themed event, this charming accessory adds a touch of sophistication and whimsy to the occasion. Order your Bottoms Up Buttercup Wine Bottle Tag now and elevate your wine gifting and presentation to a whole new level!

Material: wood, wooden beads, jute & cork

Dimensions of tag: 3 1/4” diameter & 1/4” thick 

Dimensions hanging: 7 3/4” height 

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