Spectacular Gift Ideas to Surprise Her on International Women’s Day

Spectacular Gift Ideas to Surprise Her on International Women’s Day

Each year, International Women’s Day is celebrated as a day of unity across the globe with 27 countries marking it a national holiday. In many countries, including Canada, it is often acknowledged by presenting the women in our lives with flowers and small gifts.

With this year’s theme being “Embrace Equity”, the global observance focuses on fostering gender fairness.

Whether you are looking for International Women’s Day gift ideas for your partner, spouse, sister, daughter, or even for yourself, Imperial Gifts & Décor offers gifting ideas for women of all ages and preferences.

Picture Frames for the One Who Loves Treasuring Precious Moments

picture frame

One of the greatest Women’s Day gifts for your mom or your wife is a picture frame showcasing her loved ones, even those of the furry nature! Choose a frame that expresses the perfect sentiment in words complemented by a lovely picture.


Table Décor for Those Fond of Attractive and Decorative Pieces

table decor

As a leading table décor store, Imperial Gifts & Décor offers a wide selection of wooden decorative blocks, figurines, LED-lit jars, lamps, and clocks. Since every home has its own unique style and theme, we offer tasteful and humorous décor for Women’s Day gifts for your girlfriend, wife, aunt, cousin, daughter, sister, and/or friend.


Gift Sets for Pet/Animal Lovers

They say you can tell the kindness of a person by the way they treat animals. Show that special woman in your life how much your appreciate and admire her love of furry creatures with the purrfect gift from our pet/animal line. Choose from usable and decorative cups and plates adorned with cats and/or dogs to our huge selection of figurines, pillows, and coasters of beautiful birds.


Coffee Mugs for the Coffee Lovers

coffee mugs

What’s the one thing all women have in common? The need for the perfect mug! Whether your special person enjoys a cup of coffee, tea, juice, milk, or even water first thing in the morning, they need to have their OWN mug! Let our expressive mugs convey the message of “Thank You” or even “you are special”! We also have a variety of humourous mugs that will certainly make her eyes sparkle with laughter!

Check out our Mugs collection Here


Kitchen & Dining Gifts for Food Lovers

tea coasters


For the avid cook in your life, why not gift her an extraordinary wooden serving board, tray, or cutting board? Produced with high-quality wood, these crafted boards are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Choose a tiered stand, cheese board, or our unique dipping board! Add a set of resin/cork coasters to complement the gift!

Check out our Coasters Collection here


Personalized Gifts


Shopping for a unique International Women’s Day gifts for that special someone can be tailored to fit their unique personality with personalized gifts from Imperial Gifts & Décor. We have a selection of Ontario-made dishware, decorative wooden signs, and wine bottle tags to you’re your appreciation.


Gifts for Her Home/Home Décor


ballet dancer

Many women enjoy welcoming and entertaining guests in their homes and their hearts. Choose from our vast collection of home décor items as a small token of appreciation for the kindness she has given to you. Ranging from elegant to humourous, our selection of wall clocks, signs, and garden décor will suit the charisma of your special one.

Shop Online for Unique Women’s Day Gifts at Imperial Gifts & Décor

Imperial Gifts & Décor is one of the largest family-owned online gift stores in Canada! With a massive collection of unique items at affordable prices, you will find the perfect International Women’s Day gift for the remarkable female(s) in your life! All of our orders are hand-picked and securely packaged within 1-2 days of your order with free shipping on orders $99 or more.

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